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SNBatchCRNNameName of the Project
12073073MSDGE/201Arun Kumar SahOptimal size and location of distributed generation by using genetic algorithm
22073073/MSDG/202Binod SharmaLoad Sharing using Droop and DCVC
32073073MSDGE203 Birat SharmaVoltage stability analysis of DG penetration in distributed network
42073073/MSDG/204Bisam Binod KhanalLoss of Main Protection of Distributed Generation in Microgrid Using Reverse Power Relaying Scheme
52073073MSDGE205Chintan KoiralaOptimal placement and sizing of dg using analytical method
62073 073MSDGE207Kanchan Basnetshort circuit analysis of distribution network with DG Penetration
72073073/MSDG/208Laxman TimilsinaDesign of 3 phase 4 wire shunt active power filter using instantaneous P-Q theory
82073 073MSDGE209Madhav MahatSimplified active and reactive power control of DER integration with distribution grid
92073073MSDGE210Mahesh Kumar BhattaStudy of Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique in a solar PV Array with DC-DC multi-level Inverter
102073(073/MSDG/211)Namita TimilsinaDifferential Protection System Based on Fault Current for Distribution System
112073 073MSDGE212Pratap BaralVoltage sensitivity analysis in MV distribution network
122073073MSDGE213Sadam BalaDetermination of Hosting Capacity of LV/MV Radial Distribution Feeder Using Monte Carlo Simulation
132073 073/MSDG/214Samriddhi BhattaraiAnalysis of Unified Power Quality Conditioner in Distribution System
142073073/MSDG/215Sandeep DhamiOptimal Power Quality Improvement of Micro-grid using PSO
152073073MSDGE217Shailshikha DhakalIslanding Detection in Distribution System
162073073/MSDG/220Toyanath RegmiEffect of Battery Energy Storage System on Power Quality of Weak Distribution Grid
17207474MSDG201Amit RouniyarA Particle Swarm Optimization MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic System under Partial Shading Conditions
18207474MSDG202Ananda sapkotaDesign of three phase STATCOM Using Hysteresis Band Current Control Technique
19207474MSDG203Ataur Rahaman KhanShort-Term Load Forecasting Using ANN and Support Vector Regression
20207474MSDG205Binaya RawalCompensation of Impacts of Distributed Generations Using STATCOM
21207474MSDG206Binita MandalGeneral Algebraic Modeling for Economic Dispatch Problem Using Quadratic Function Considering Power Loss Reduction
222074 74MSDG208Dil Kumari ShreeshCo-ordinated DG-Tied Planning in Distribution Network Based on Temporal Scenarios
232074 74MSDG209Hitendra KarnDistributed Generation Allocation on Radial Distribution Networks Using ESA & Genetic Algorithm
242074 74MSDG210Kavindra Kumar JhaStandalone Operation of PV System Using an H5 Transformerless Inverter with Improved Utilization Factor
252074 74MSDG211Khagendra SapkotaMPPT Based Grid Connected PV System
262074 74MSDG212Niraj Kumar SahCo-ordinated Control of a DG and Voltage Control Devices Using a Dynamic Programming Algorithm
27207474MSDG213Nischal AdhikariDistribution Network Reconfiguration Using B-PSO
282074 74MSDG214Pawan Kumar GuptaOptimal Placement of D-STATCOM in Radial Distribution System Using Genetic Algorithm
292074 74MSDG215Rambabu ChaudharyControl of Solar PV Integrated UPQC Using p-q Theory
302074 74MSDG016Ritesh JaiswalMonte Carlo Probabilistic Load Flow Analysis with Wind Generation
31207474MSDG017Riya GyawaliModeling and Control of Wind Turbine with PMSG
32207474MSDG218Santosh AdhikariImpact of Increased Penetration of PV Generation on Power System
33207474MSDG219Shiva PoudelImpact Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging in Distribution System.
34207474MSDG020Sobit Bahadur ChhetriImpact of Distributed Generation on the Power Loss of Sub-Transmission Network
35207473MSDG218Sudip GautamVoltage Sensitivity Analysis in MV Distribution Networks
362075PAS075MSDGE001Amrit DhakalRelay Protection Coordination Integrated Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation Sources in Distribution Networks
372075 PAS075MSDGE002Ashwin MarahathaFault Location of Unbalanced Power Distribution Feeder with Distributed Generation using Neural Networks
382075 PAS075MSDGE003Bhesh Raj RegmiOptimal Tie-Switch Operation in Distribution System with PV Integration for Power Loss Reduction
392075 PAS075MSDGE004Binod KafleVirtual Inertia Control- Based Fuzzy Logic to Improve Frequency Stability of Microgrid with High Renewable Penetration
402075PAS075MSDGE005Budh Narayan YadavCompensation of Distribution System Voltage using DVR with StorageSystem
412075PAS075MSDGE006Jagadish Raj GhimireOptimal Placement and Sizing of DG in Distribution System for power loss minimization
422075PAS075MSDGE007Manisha BaralModeling and Simulation of Microgrid
432075PAS075MSDGE008Naval Kishor SahFault Location in Power Distribution System with DG Integration using ANN
442075PAS075MSDGE009Nikesh ManandharProtection of Distribution Feeder with Embedded DG using Directional Overcurrent Protection
452075PAS075MSDGE010Pawan PaudelProtection Method for Radial Distribution System with DG using Local Voltage Measurement
462075PAS075MSDGE012Pritam Raj BistaOptimal Placment of Solar PV with Transformer OLTC to Improve Voltage Profile in Distribution Feeder
472075PAS075MSDGE013Ramu ShresthaProtection Co-ordination for Microgrid using Communication Assisted Dual Setting Numerical Directional Overcurrent Relays
482075PAS075MSDGE014Sameep PoudelVisualizing the effect of PV integration on Probabilistic Instability
492075PAS075MSDGE015Samip KhanalA Reactive Power Control Scheme for DER System to mitigate Voltage Rise Problems
502075PAS075MSDGE016Shailendra Pyakurel UpadhyayOptimal Coordination of Double-Inverter Overcurrent Relays for Stable Operation of DGs
512075PAS075MSDGE017Suyog ShresthaSolar Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network
522075PAS075MSDGE018Tushar MandalIslanding Detection in PV Integrated Distribution Feeder using WPT & PNN
532075PAS075MSDGE019Umesh BhandariMulti-Objective Optimization for Solar PV Penetration in Radial Distribution System
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