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SNBatchCRNNameThesis TitleSupervisor
1207272/MSDG/201Bibek AdhikariImpact of PV Penetration in Distribution Network Using Probabilistic Load Flow MethodAssociate Professor Bhriguraj Bhattarai
22072072/MSDG/202Binod GhimireIncreasing Power System Transferability of a Power System Network and Determining Optimal Location of UPFC by GAEr. Ananta Adhikari
32072 072/MSDG/204Diwakar PyakurelOperation, stability and sensitivity study of proposed Power management strategies of micro-grid with multiple interconnected distributed generation unitsBhriguraj Bhattarai
42072072/MSDG/206Jaya Prakash MaharjanReliability assessment of radial distribution system with photovoltaicRaju Wagle
52072072/MSDG/209Nitesh Kumar YadavDeterministic Load Flow Technique for Distribution Networks Including DG with ZIP Load ModelEr. Kailash Pant
62072072/MSDG/210Prabin Kumar MishraPower Quality Improvement of distribution system with application of SAPF using PQ theoryDr. Basanta Kumar Gautam
72072 72/MSDG/214Roshan Kumar SinghOptimal placement of distributed generationsPrabhat Kumar Pankaj
82072072/MSDG/215Shahabuddin KhanCoordination of Over-Current Relays in Distribution Networks with DG Considering Transient Stability ConstraintEr. Ananta Adhikari
9207272/MSDG/216Sikendra MahatoDistribution system reconfiguration using Harmony search AlgorithmBhriguraj Bhattarai
10207272/MSDG/218Surendra KumalSimulation and analysis of DVR for mitigating voltage sag in solar power distribution system.Lalit Bikram Rana
11207272/MSDG/219Susovit DwaTransmission Loss Allocation in Deregulated Power System Using Artificial Neural NetworkKailesh Panta
122072072/MSDG/220Utsav AdhikariBattery Energy Storage System Optimization for Grid-Connected Wind-PV Hybrid SystemAssoc. Prof. Bhriguraj Bhattarai
132073073MSDGE/201Arun Kumar SahA PV Based Shunt Active Filter with Energy Storage for Power Quality Enhancement under Dynamic Load ConditionEr. Kailash Pantha
142073073/MSDG/202Binod SharmaLoad Sharing in Inverter Based Islanded Microgrid Using Virtual ImpedancePrabhat Pankaj
152073073MSDGE203 Birat SharmaDG Penetration Analysis on the Locational Marginal Pricing: A Case Study of INPSAsst. Prof. Menaka Karki
162073073/MSDG/204Bisam Binod KhanalPower Management in a Hybrid Renewable Energy SystemBhrigu raj Bhattarai
172073 073MSDGE205Chintan KoiralaPerformance Evaluation of Sinusoidal and Space Vector Pulse-Width-Modulation for Power Quality Enhancement in Distributed Generation System’sEr. Purna Bahadur Purna
182073073/MSDG/206Ishwor KCTransient Stability Analysis of Solar-PV Connected Power System Using Aggregated ModelAnanta Adhikari
192073 073MSDGE207Kanchan BasnetOptimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation and Capacitor in Distribution Networks by Ant Colony AlgorithmAsst. Prof. Shahabuddin Khan and Asst. Prof. Menaka Karki
202073073/MSDG/208Laxman TimilsinaModeling of a Microgrid System and its Power Quality Improvement Using Shunt Active Power FilterShahabuddin Khan
212073 073MSDGE209Madhav MahatModelling and Control of Virtual Synchronous Generator and its Parallel Operation with Synchronous GeneratorEr. Prabhat Kumar Pankaj (NEA)
222073 073MSDGE210Mahesh Kumar BhattaRecloser Allocation for Improving Reliability of DG-Enhanced Distributed NetworksAssoc. Prof. Bhrigu Raj Bhattarai
232073 073/MSDG/211Namita TimilsinaEmergency Order Scheduling in the Electric Distribution System with Unforeseen IslandingAnanta Adhikari
242073 073MSDGE212Pratap BaralHigh Impedance Fault Detection in an Electric Distribution SystemAsst. Prof. Menaka Karki
252073073MSDGE213Sadam BalaProtection Coordination Optimization in Distribution Network with Distributed GenerationAsst. Prof. Shahabuddin Khan
262073073/MSDG/214Samriddhi BhattaraiMulti-Objective Model Predictive Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Generators for Wind Energy ConversionRaju Wagle
272073073/MSDG/215Sandeep DhamiOptimal Power Quality Control in Grid Connected MicrogridMenaka Karki
282073 073MSDGE217Shailshikha DhakalOptimal Scheduling of Distirbuted Generation for ServiceAsst. Prof. Shahabuddin Khan
292073073/MSDG/220Toyanath RegmiBattery Energy Storage System Sizing for Grid Connected PV and Comparative Life Cycle Cost Analysis with Diesel GeneratorLalit Bikram Rana
302074074MSDGE009Hitendra KarnDistributed Generation Allocation Considering UncertaintiesEr. Prabhat Kumar Pankaj
312074074MSDGE010Kavindra Kumar JhaOptimal Placement of Charging Station and Capacitor in Electrical Radial Distribution NetworkEr. Nitesh Kumar Yadav (NEA)
322074 074MSDGE012Niraj Kumar SahOptimal Reactive Power Dispatch at Selected Buses in Distribution Network with DGs for Loss MinimizationAssoc. Prof. Lalit Bikram Rana
332074074MSDGE016Ritesh JaiswalReliability Driven Network Recon?guration of Power Distribution SystemAsst. Prof. Shahabuddin Khan & Er. Nitesh Kumar Yadav
34207474MSDG017Riya GyawaliAnalysis of V2G and G2V Operation of Electric Vehicle in the Distribution NetworkAsst. Prof. Shahabuddin Khan
352074 074MSDGE018Santosh AdhikariOptimal Design of Battery Bank for Standalone Wind/PV Hybrid SystemEr. Tek Nath Tiwari
362074 074MSDGE019Shiva PoudelGenetic Algorithm-Based PID Controller for Load -Frequency Control in Two Area Interconnected Power SystemAsst.Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh
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